Mechanical Olympics at the Dallas Museum of Art

The Fifth Mechanical Olympics (2008, ongoing) is underway. This year I will be presenting videos from the past and present games to viewers at The Dallas Museum of Art’s Late Night event on August 19th, starting at 7pm. At 9pm I will deliver an artist talk about the project, tracing my interest and expectations of the project as they have shifted throughout the past eight years.

One thing I came to realize during the process of drafting my thoughts for the 9pm talk is that one Mechanical Olympian, Shamik Ghosh, has been participating in this crowdsourced game since its infancy–and he has recorded his son for each iteration of the games.

Here is Shamik’s son six years ago:

Here he is in 2016:

If you want to make a video, we’re doing that too but you have to stay up late. From 10-11pm we’ll be making videos and voting on gold medalists in the Center for Creative Connections.

I considered ending this post with some kind of joke or reference to making up a story about being robbed after you attend the DMA to participate in the Mechanical Olympics, but I thought better of it. I’ll make no guarantees about what happens when you leave the DMA, but I think you’ll have a fun time while you visit for Late Night.

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