Tally Project: Mark Your Calendar

Tally Project poster

24 by 36 inch poster created for Micol Hebron’s Tally Project

I just sent my poster to Micol for inclusion in her Tally Project exhibit opening on March 29th at For Your Art on Wilshire Blvd here in Los Angeles. I’m looking forward to a fun night of posters and female artists. Read more about Micol’s project on the Huffington Post or visit the Tumblr page to view more posters.

New Book! Foundations of Digital Art and Design

Foundations of Digital Art and Design cover

If you used Digital Foundations in the classroom, I hope you’ll enjoy my updated text, Foundations of Digital Art and Design. The book is written for CS6 and the Creative Cloud, and it is organized by the topics: vector design, digital photography, digital manipulation, typography, the web, and effective work habits. Exercises focus on demonstrating design concepts using Adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. The accompanying website is full of student and instructor resources.

Want a free desk copy?

View screencasts for each chapter on the Foundations of Digital Art and Design YouTube playlist. Download free bonus chapters, chapter presentations, and more on the website.

Net Works Review in Visual Communication Quarterly

I visited my office mailbox for the first time since last December and was delighted to find a super review of Net Works by Karie Hollerbach in the Visual Communication Quarterly April-June volume. It would be a copyright infringement for me to post the review in its entirety here, but my favorite snippet is this:

“The result is a lively and successful interplay that clearly relates theoretical constructs to the actual practice-based act of creating new media projects.”

Appropriation as Legitimate Practice: Rethinking Fair Use

This year my colleague Genelle Belmas and I collaborated on a presentation for the annual Popular Culture Association conference, titled Appropriation as Legitimate Practice: Rethinking Fair Use in a Networked Society. Genelle delivered our talk in Washington DC while I stayed home with my five-week old twin newborns (!). We suggest the four-pronged fair use “test” does not accurately assist a judge or jury with little or no previous visual communication knowledge to understand the nuances of appropriation art.