Twitterbots automate the process of tweeting, proliferating the social tweet-scape with messages crafted for specific hashtags, themes, or replies. @IKnowTheseWords is a ‘bot I created to assist me in nearly automatically generating a wordhord from the OED Word of the Day (WotD) database in a “live” online environment. My ‘bot is a helper-agent. In order to develop my own database of known words it is essential that I talk back to my ‘bot, letting it know (and anyone else who views these tweets and replies) which words should be included. This process will take years as my ‘bot and I perform the tasks: tweeting an OED WotD, sorting each word, then capturing those that are part of my current vocabulary using a Twitter archiving Google spreadsheet. With two “I”s involved in the process of knowing—or not—these words, @IKnowTheseWords speaks predictably and intelligently as a ‘bot and randomly, with culturally specific musings as the “I” who replies to each tweet.