PCA/ACA Annual Conference 2015

I’m excited to be traveling to New Orleans this week for the annual Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. The Communication and Digital Culture area, led by Mark Nunes, has been a long time theoretical “home” for me and I’m looking forward to experiencing all of the C&DC sessions this Thursday in Studio 8 at the Marriott.

This year I’ll be presenting thoughts and images from my recent exhibit Please Participate using the framework presented in Francisco Ricardo’s book, The Engagement Aesthetic: Experiencing New Media Art through Critique.

Handmade Scroll of Jack Holding His Scroll

Halftone scroll of jack holding his scroll
Halftone Scroll of Jack Holding His Scroll.
Digital prints on vellum with Highland tape, 5.5 by 14 feet.
Right wall: Marked-up book and On The Web via touch-device.

Image tiling in Illustrator was the key to production in the making of this giant scroll of Jack holding his scroll. A happy accident: The pixelization in the halftone pattern sort of looks like a copyright symbol (appropriate seen as how the image this is based upon is appropriated from a photograph taken long ago by Gerry Nicosia) and/or a smiley face (an image that sometimes appeared on LSD stickers, I forget how I know this but it’s not by direct experience…anyhow, Jack would have probably liked that reference even though the publication of On The Road was a little ahead of the Timothy Leary era).

New Media Festival Los Angeles @ LACDA

This Monday from 4-5pm stop by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art to create your own Mechanical Olympics video. I’ll be there with a camera (probably just a flip or my iPhone camera, as it is a low-fi project) and some goofy props. All you have to do is show the camera your best Olympic-style performance. You can swim, play baseball, tennis, soccer, hockey, or make up a new sport. Anything goes.

For the duration of the exhibit I have put together a “best of” video reel featuring highlights from past Mechanical Olympics. It’s hard to believe this project has lasted as long as it has, but it’s fun to review some of the creative videos made for the 2008 and 2010 Games.


New Media Festival Los Angeles @ LACDA
102 W. Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Workshop: 4-5pm on Monday, 7/9/12
Opening: 6-10pm on Thursday 7/12/12

Mechanical Games 2012

The Mechanical Games (2012 Edition) finalé took place in MediaCity, UK at the Looping the Loop celebration at the Quays. Voting concluded on May 18th and the winners were announced to start the London 2012 Games creative cultural festivities in the Great Britain Northwest on Saturday, May 19th. I was certain the big hula hoop was going to be a distraction for our awards ceremony, but hula participants were kind enough to walk over to our area in support of the Mechanical Games. Some of the participant actors were kind enough to carry out the awards ceremony. The video of their performance follows.

TERMINAL Commission


This year I am a recipient of a TERMINAL net art commission that I used to create a series of poem interpretations for the browser.

on the web

Three classic works of literature from the 20th Century (“O Captain, My Captain”, “On the Road”, and “Waiting for You at the Mystery Spot”) are remade for the browser using the language of the web (HTML5 and CSS) as the primary agent of transformation. In the translated poems, I am not interested in writing the foundational text for the poetic experience. Instead, I wanted to design a web user’s visual experience of the works. The works adhere to the confining graphic formatting rules of current web standards, and include text, hypertext, images, videos, and audio.

Visit: On the Web, O Browser, My Browser, and Mystery Spot.

Book Launch and Panel: Net Works at Eyebeam

Net Works book cover

On Thursday October 13 at 6pm Eyebeam Center for Art+Technology presents the launch of Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design edited by xtine burrough. xtine will be speaking alongside contributing artists Ethan Ham, Michael Mandiberg, and Robert Nideffer. Eyebeam is located at 540 W 21st St. New York, NY 10011 (map). This is an open/free event with refreshments provided by Routledge. View this event on Facebook.

Net Works book launch at Machine

Net Works book cover

On Tuesday July 26 at 7pm Dorkbot presents the launch of Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design edited by xtine burrough. xtine will be speaking alongside researcher, artist and writer Jonah Brucker-Cohen as well as the Canadian digital artist Jeremy Rotsztain. Machine Project is located in Echo Park. This is an open/free event.