TERMINAL Commission


This year I am a recipient of a TERMINAL net art commission that I used to create a series of poem interpretations for the browser.

on the web

Three classic works of literature from the 20th Century (“O Captain, My Captain”, “On the Road”, and “Waiting for You at the Mystery Spot”) are remade for the browser using the language of the web (HTML5 and CSS) as the primary agent of transformation. In the translated poems, I am not interested in writing the foundational text for the poetic experience. Instead, I wanted to design a web user’s visual experience of the works. The works adhere to the confining graphic formatting rules of current web standards, and include text, hypertext, images, videos, and audio.

Visit: On the Web, O Browser, My Browser, and Mystery Spot.

Mechanical Games Awards Ceremony

The Mechanical Games ended with an Olympic-meets-the-Oscars style awards ceremony in Manchester, England, at Cornerhouse last Sunday. Here are some of my favorite photos from the event. Super huge thank you to Debbie Chan for organizing so many project details. The event was a success, and meeting the participants was even more fun and gratifying than I expected it to be.

Gearing up for the Mechanical Games

Mechanical Games Poster

Voting begins next month at the Mechanical Games website. Part of the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival, this version of the Games is produced by myself with a lot of help from Cornerhouse. New to the Games: a real, live award ceremony, to take place on October 3rd from noon – 2 at Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK. Even if you can’t make it to the awards ceremony, you can vote on the gold medalists from September 1 – 30th.

Mechanical Games Press Release

Participants in Manchester
Mechanical Games participants in Manchester. Photo by Simon Webb Photography.

To celebrate Abandon Normal Devices festival in Manchester (1–7 Oct 2010), Cornerhouse are pleased to present this interactive project by media artist xtine burrough that will set up camp in Cornerhouse galleries on Saturday 24 July. The project created as an alternative performance and gaming event, seeks to inspire and re-ignite our imagination and interest in sport through filmmaking, as well as creating an online and crowd sourced version of the major public sporting events that some of us only see televised. View the Mechanical Games Press Release.